Transitions offers a structured program of care designed to meet the participant's physical and  emotional needs; provide protection, guidance and supervision; and meet the objectives of the individual service plan.  The program is designed to improve or maintain the participant's optimal level of functioning in self-help, socialization, and adaptive  skills.
Transitions emphasizes skills in: 
  • Problem solving/Conflict Resolution
  • Communication
  •  Sensory Stimulation and Fine Motor skills
  •  Social Skills
  •  Personal Hygiene
  •  Functional Academics
  • Computer Literacy
  • Home Living

 All participants have access to resources to enable them to lead productive lives; have opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve; and have opportunities for self-expression.
Transitions staff implements a comprehensive and regularly updated written plan of action (PCP - ISP) to meet the needs and preferences of the client. The Individualized Service Plan includes an assessment summary, goals and measurable objectives for addressing each identified need, the services and supports and frequency of service to accomplish the goals and objectives, estimated duration of the service plan, and employees or contractors responsible for the coordination and integration of services.